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Quick Ride Offer - Promo or Registration code

------------- UPDATED CODES ON FEBRUARY 2020 ------------ SPECIAL OFFER : Use our code to get first three rides free ENP91 or BPJ57 WHY QUICK RIDE? Growing population lead to more vehicles on the road thus increasing traffic congestion and pollution. Shared mobility is the future. Traditional carpooling was not successful due to challenges involved such as Security, Unpredictable timings and Coordination issues. Quick Ride addressed the challenges elegantly with the world-class user experience. It helps to identify matches, connect instantly, communicate and share costs in the cashless way.
Register for Quick Ride today with below code and get Rs.100 cash points with first 3 rides free... 
...Ride more and get more points now...
If the above code has an issue then use below code: BPJ57
Download quick ride app from While Registration, click on Promo / Registration Code Enter the code mentioned above Complete registration. Verify your company email id (Good to have) + V…